Power plate is one of the best gyms I have been to. The workouts that they give truly help with body image I have been working towards. Ariana and Matt push me to be the best I can be at their gym. Not only do I go to this gym, but my whole entire family goes and they enjoy their time there. This gym is wonderful and it can truly work with any schedule. I would recommend it to anyone that I know.

-Najdeni Family

Working out at BVibrant has personally allowed me to continue being active. Exercising three times a week has improved my strength, flexibility, circulation and balance. I have been able to continue to play softball, hike and do the things I enjoy doing. I’m living better and definitely feeling better then ever before. 

-Mary M.

After being diagnosed with RA a few years ago, I wanted to find an exercise regimen that would be lower impact, but still provide the results that I could feel and see. I read about Power Plate and BVibrant and tried it. That was over 4 years ago and I am still a satisfied client. 

-Monica M

I came to BVibrant because I was 75 and felt that I was weak and I wanted to travel. My balance was not good and my stamina was poor. Through analyzing my strengths and weaknesses the Power Plate and Bemer have helped me greatly. The support and positive attitudes from Matt, Ariana and everyone at BVibrant keeps me coming back and that is what I need.

-Jean E

I have been attending Power Plate workouts for years. Here’s why:

*I like that the workouts are varied everyday 

*I like the small studio/class size

*I like that the 30 minute workout is equivalent to an hour and a half of normal workouts

Most importantly, I like the results:

*Muscle and body toning

*Great training for skiing or high intensity workouts — legs never feel tired or sore!

-Chris C