BEMER Sessions

We offer BEMER sessions in the studio starting at $10 per session.

Monthly Unlimited Use Package is $200 per month.

The first 3 sessions are FREE.

Call today to reserve your spot. 239-331-7332
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BEMER Equine Therapy

Horses love BEMER.  We are excited to be able to provide mobile equine BEMER therapy throughout Florida.  The first session is FREE.  Subsequent visits start at $75 per visit for up to 4 horses.

Call today to schedule a session. 239-331-7332
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BEMER Rentals

Enjoy the BEMER Therapy twice a day in the privacy of your home starting at $200 per week.  With detailed instruction from our staff, you will be able to experience not only the recommended daily use but the ease it takes to operate.

Call today to reserve your week. 239-331-7332


There is no greater gift than your health.  BEMER's entire mission is a BEMER in every household.  Order yours today.

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First 3 Sessions are FREE in the studio