Lisa Dimond

Founder & Master Trainer

Our Approach

bVibrant is a powerful wellness studio utilizing cutting edge, science based devices to inspire, empower and enhance the lives of our clients, our staff and our community.  We strive to increase awareness of the numerous health and fitness benefits of Power Plate, BEMER and bioDensity while offering competitive training packages for individuals at any fitness level to experience their desired goals of health and wellness.

We are passionate about changing lives.

Our Story

bVibrant began as a hope and a dream in 2013.  Creator/owner/master trainer, Lisa Dimond, had a vision to create a unique health and fitness studio.  At the beginning of 2013 she was sharing space with another trainer with plans to open a studio that year.  However, life threw Dimond a curve ball in May 2013.  She was diagnosed with a rare, late-stage breast cancer.  She continued to train and build her clientele while going through surgery, chemo and radiation.  The dream never died.  In May 2014, one year after her diagnosis, her studio was open.  "I truly understand the value of health, maybe more than most.  I feel grateful to be able to do what I love everyday...changing lives," says Dimond.

Meet "Team Amazing"

Yes...we have state of the art, cutting edge technology that will take your health and well-being to a completely new level.  But...more than that we have heart, passion and the most qualified trainers.


Kailin Freeman

Front Desk & Assistant Trainer


Monika Goodrich

Power Plate Class Instructor


Charmin Good

Certified Power Plate Trainer


Jonathan Hancock

Certified Power Plate Trainer


Dan Weiner

Certified Power Plate Trainer


Shifra Becker

Certified Power Plate Trainer


Allison Hall

Certified Power Plate Trainer

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