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3619 Tamiami Trail N Naples, FL 34103

bVibrant Fitness Studio and Naples Power Plate Founder and President – Lisa Dimond

bVibrant Fitness Studio and Naples Power Plate Founder and President – Lisa Dimond

Naples Power Plate, LLC was born January 2013 and officially established February 2013. Our owner, Lisa Dimond, had been working with a trainer on Power Plate on and off for over 3 years. In the latter months of 2012, Lisa approached her Power Plate trainer from a business prospective to help him create awareness and grow his business, but he wasn’t interested in growing his business.

Lisa Dimond bVibrant Naples FLSo in December 2012, Lisa suffered 2 close, personal losses that made her stop and reevaluate what she was doing both personally and professionally. And in January 2013 she made a decision to create awareness about the benefits of Power Plate™ and set into motion a new venture called Naples Power Plate, LLC.

The original plan was always to open a PowerPlate™ studio, however just 3 months after establishing Naples Power Plate, LLC Lisa was diagnosed with Stage 3 breast cancer. That diagnosis came in May 2013 but through it all (surgery, chemo, radiation) she borrowed time at her trainers’ studio and built her clientele.

In May 2014 Lisa purchased an existing studio in Naples that was struggling at the time. In a very short period of time Lisa has created bVibrant, a powerful wellness studio and is looking forward to opening a second studio in the coming months.

“I know more than most the value of health. I care about the well-being of my clients and their friends and family. I want to share with as many people as possible the incredible health benefits of PowerPlate™ and bioDensity™.” – Lisa Dimond

bVibrant, a powerful wellness studio

Our studio has successfully made it through our first year with flying colors and we are now spreading the word by marketing and informing our Naples FL community how we are inspiring, empowering and enhancing lives of our neighbors and residents.

As we grow with you in the Naples community, you will be able to find information that you can use on a frequent basis to answer questions about fitness and your health and how we can help you to feel and do your best.

bVibrant has become the game changer in the Naples community as more people have become aware of what we do and the results they continually see and feel. Since we have the only bioDensity™ machine in town at the moment, and since bioDensity™ has been endorsed by the Osteoporosis Institute as the “only” non-pharmaceutical solution to Osteoporosis, we expect to help all those patrons of our community who are concerned with osteoporosis. Contact us today for a confidential and no obligation consultation.

bVibrant will have a tremendous impact on this community as well as the health and wellness industry in this community as a powerful wellness studio that consistently delivers results to our clients.

We look forward to helping each of you on your journey to health with our state-of-the-art facility for fitness training at bVibrant – a powerful wellness studio!

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